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Cam Tyson's Dream

Have a listen to the excerpt of A Wicked Beginning accompanied by Jonathan Trawick with his song entitled Council Bluffs:


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A Wicked Beginning: Book II in the Wicked Series“Cam!” the voice screamed. “Cam, where are you?”
Oh, God, no, it was Chérie! The ta-ak’tiyani were after her. His heart was breaking, it was breaking into bits, bleeding into the soil hearing her screams and he was helpless, helpless, helpless. Oh, God, make me wake up, please, make me wake up.

Then, Whoosh, Cam was out of the woodsy scene, making love with Chérie, somewhere. He didn’t know where, didn’t care. The feeling was so intense, he thought sure he was going to pass out. Oh, God, he thought. Oh, Jesus, oh, God, this is mind-fucking beautiful. He was inside her, he was kissing her, he was wrapped around her but here was the weird part; she seemed to be suspended in air. He surrendered to the sensations, gave himself over to the ecstatic impulses only to be aware that there was someone else in this scene. Oh, fuck me now, it’s Fabio. He, Chér and Fabio were doing it, somewhere in space…oh, no... They were twirling in the air in front of Chér’s home. Yup, that’s it - him, Chér, and Fabio. He was inside of Chér, his cock was thrust deep, moving in and out. Fabio was inside of him like a ghost or something, making him feel all shivery inside. Fuck.

Enter to winHe lurched awake, lying in his double bed with the stiffest hard-on he had ever had. “Oh, hell,” he groaned. He ran his hand over his face. When he brought his hand away, it was smeared with blood. Shit. Fuck. He bolted out of bed and raced to the bathroom.

Looking in the mirror, he barely recognized himself. His face was covered with scrapes and scratches like he actually had been dragged through the woods. He examined the rest of his body. Same old, same old – there were no new abrasions or scrapes anywhere. Huh – this is weird. Why just the face? Why the face at all? He gingerly tapped a vicious tear in his lip and a big bruise on his cheek. Fuck! He slammed his fist into the wall.

And he was as stiff as iron, aroused like you wouldn’t believe. How surreal could his life get? Apparently, there was no end to the insanity he could experience. His life was now a Barnum and Bailey circus act on peyote or mescaline. No, wait – it was more like the purest LSD trip he’d had when he was about 18. Yeah, that one had been a warp the walls kind of trip. His life had taken on that kind of bizarreness for sure. Maybe he should have thought twice about all that substance abuse in his past…maybe all the brain altering he had done had jogged a few screws loose. He glanced at the gashes in the door made by this supposed star dreamling. They gave off a constant glow, like a strange little nightlight. “Is this your doing?” he asked the door. “Why don’t you just leave me the fuck alone?”

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Calinda B and Jonathan Trawick

Calinda B erotic paranormal author of the Wicked SeriesWhat happens when erotic paranormal romance author Calinda B joins forces with the soulful, rock-steady back-up guitar and mandolin player Jonathan Trawick? A saucy excerpt accompanied by playfully fun, toe-tapping easy on the ears music, that's what.

On the next page, Calinda B reads a 3 minute excerpt of her book, A Wicked Beginning: Book II in the Wicked Series accompanied to a tune called Council Bluffs written for Calinda B by Jonathan Trawick. Recent reviews about A Wicked Beginning say "If I gave “A Wicked Awakening” 5 stars, I want to give “A Wicked Awakening”  6!!!", "This is definitely not some vapid, empty novel, but ones that make you think in a different way." , and "Highly recommend to fans of romance, erotica, fantasy/paranormal…heck, anyone who wants a well written and addictive story unlike any they’ve ever read before."

Jonathan TrawickYou can buy A Wicked Beginning on Amazon or in any format here.

Jonathan Trawick

Critics have said of JT "With often only a cursory preparation on charts, Jonathan portrays a depth of understanding for accompaniment that is far beyond his years. It's not with fireworks or grandstanding that he stands apart, but knowing exactly how to provide a perfectly comfortable and interesting sound on which to lay down a lead. The word is confidence without pretense that he knows exactly what to play with every change in time, key, movement or bass line."

I call him just plain fun.

Oh - and if you want more info on JT, you can find it here and here.